exception batou.ComponentLoadingError(filename, exception)

The specified component file failed to load.

exception batou.ConfigurationError(message, component=None)

Indicates that an environment could not be configured successfully.

exception batou.ConversionError(component, key, value, conversion, error)

An override attribute could not be converted properly.

exception batou.CycleErrorDetected(error)

We think we found a cycle in the component dependencies.

exception batou.DeploymentError

Indicates that a deployment failed..

exception batou.DuplicateComponent(a, b)
exception batou.DuplicateHostError(hostname)
exception batou.DuplicateHostMapping(hostname, a, b)
exception batou.DuplicateOverride(component, attribute)

An override for a component attribute was found both in the secrets and in the environment configuration.

exception batou.FileLockedError(filename)

A file is already locked and we do not want to block.

exception batou.GPGCallError(command, exitcode, output)

There was an error calling GPG on encrypted file.

exception batou.IPAddressConfigurationError(address, kind: int)

An IP address family was accessed but not configured.

exception batou.InvalidIPAddressError(address)
exception batou.MissingComponent(component, hostname)

The specified environment does not exist.

exception batou.MissingEnvironment(environment)

The specified environment does not exist.

exception batou.MissingOverrideAttributes(component, attributes)
exception batou.NonConvergingWorkingSet(roots)

A working set did not converge.

exception batou.ReportingException

Exceptions that support user-readable reporting.

exception batou.RepositoryDifferentError(local, remote)

The repository on the remote side is different.

exception batou.SilentConfigurationError

These are exceptions that will be reported by other exceptions.

They basically only influence control flow during configuration and are manually placed to avoid double reporting.

exception batou.SuperfluousComponentSection(component)

A component section was found in the environment but no associated component is known.

exception batou.SuperfluousSecretsSection(component)

A component section was found in the secrets but no associated component is known.

exception batou.SuperfluousSection(section)

A superfluous section was found in the environment configuration file.

exception batou.UnknownComponentConfigurationError(root, exception, tb)

An unknown error occured while configuring a component.

exception batou.UnsatisfiedResources(resources)

Some required resources were never provided.

exception batou.UnusedResources(resources)

Some provided resources were never used.

exception batou.UpdateNeeded

A component requires an update.